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April 26, 2007
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Smorty Blog Advertising is a blog advertising service that connects advertisers with bloggers. Of course as usual advertisers will pay bloggers for posting their opinion and link back to the advertisers site. What I like about is that they have their own scores for each blogger who join and have completed the task. These scores are based on the performance of that particular blogger. Plus you can get other activity summary such as how many posts have been taken, approved or declined. Earning reports also available in’s member account like total earnings for the last 7 days or last month and pending earnings. So what are you waiting for, if you want to get paid for blogging this is your chance.

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March 27, 2007
Filed Under (Blog Advertising) by syafthegeek is locally based advertising network that I’ve stumbled upon when I read about it on Redesign Malaysia which act as a partner project with What is Redesign Malaysia? It is a collaborative effort by Josh Lim & Associates to fight for better broadband in Malaysia and I personally think it is a good thing to do because the quality of the broadband here in Malaysia is not very satisfying. It is’s long term goal to use their profits to further improve broadband here, through

The emergence of is just the right time for Malaysian bloggers to have their own blog advertising network as before this bloggers depends on a lot of overseas blog advertising network. In this way, bloggers can get a detailed information on the gender of the readers, where they from, and what they like. This could lead to advertisers can pinpoint the target that they want. Plus through, both bloggers and advertisers can benefit from this. Advertisers can make sure their messages worthwhile and bloggers always do what they love which is blogging and making money at the same time.

What I hope to see from in the future is making RSS advertising as another way of an efficient blog advertising. Readers use their feed readers to read their updated feeds and can insert advertising into the feeds. Isn’t that cool? Hehe :)

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