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March 29, 2007
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Last night, my friend dropped by at my house and asked me to repair his pc. Then we chat a little while because we’ve been busy with each other’s work. He said that he asked some graphic designers on a forum on how to optimize his work as a lot of graphics application is so hardware demanding and eat a lot of RAM and force the processors to work like hell. They said that by installing those graphics applications you could see the differences on you performance and for me this make sense.

When you install all of the software in the main hard drive that is C drive, it will eat up your RAM and processors a lot when you use the software. If you install it separately then it is better for them to work. I’m not a fan of installing in a separate partitions because when one hard drive corrupt then all files including the software can’t be accessed. But I guess this is just a perfect solution for anyone who is using a very demanding hardware applications.

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March 24, 2007
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Damn it! This is just great! The main fear of computer problems have come true. My hard drive has corrupted and all of my data has gone. Can you believe it? Gone! Nothing! Nada! It really piss me off! Not to mention the RVHOST virus. Remember my previous post? Things has just kept better and better. After all these years of repairing other people’s computer, I’ve come up with the conclusion there’s a lot of indication whether your hard drive is going to be doomed or not. So here it goes based on my experience, correct me if I’m wrong:

  1. Time factor - Most older PCs is likely that the hard drive is corrupted.
  2. The sound of the hard drive - If you can hear the sound just like your car just can’t get started. Well be prepared.
  3. Can’t even loading windows - If your windows can’t even find your hard drive, well there’s a possibility that your hard drive is not working anymore.
  4. Kept on changing hard drive - Changing hard drive on your PC can lead to some major issues of corrupted hard drive. This means that you kept pull the hard drive from the IDE cable as this would be on some time later make the hard drive don’t recognize the settings anymore. So to solve this, buy an extra hard drive and also external hard drive casings. Therefore, you can exchange data or back up data just like pen drive, thumb drive, USB drive or whatever you want to call it.
  5. Drop the hard drive - If you accidentally dropped the hard drive, you might want to check if it’s still running properly hehe :)) .

So what do I learn from all of this? Make backup, backup and more backup. You just don’t know what could happen if things have gone wrong.

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March 19, 2007
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RVHOST in Hijack This

RVHOST has done it again. First it sits on my Windows folder then everytime I plugged in my USB drive or Thumb drive, it appears on my Antivir warning stating that RVHOST is a virus. After that it invades my Yahoo! Messenger spreading a lot of spyware or malware messages by using Yahoo! Messenger’s messaging to all contacts in Yahoo! Messenger. Even my friends asked me what did I send to them? I said nothing and then I realized it’s the works of RVHOST. Damn it!

So what I did to solve this is to open Hijack This application and scan through my registry for any hijack activities through my Internet Explorer, Yahoo! Messenger or any applications. What I’ve found is RVHOST using Yahoo! Messenger to spread any spyware or malware. After that I just tick at HKCU\..\Run:[Yahoo Messenger]C:\WINDOWS\system32\RVHOST.exe and click Fix checked. That’s all! But you need to backup the registry in case anything happen.

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March 18, 2007
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If you find that Date and Time properties in your System Tray kept changing after you have set it to the correct date and time, there’s a possibility that your CMOS battery is running out. Which means the CMOS battery on you motherboard is losing its power and need to be change. This is crucial as it holds the memory of you motherboard settings and also a lot of crucial applications depend on it (date and time properties) such as anti-virus applications and IE installation. This is because anti-virus applications need date and time properties to match with their virus definitions. If it’s not match, therefore the anti-virus won’t function properly as it is an important part in securing your own personal computer.

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