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June 21, 2007
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Robert Heron and Patrick Norton covers:

  • Review of portables speakers from Saitek’s A-100 and A-200 which will blow you away
  • Viewer Pic Of the Week
  • XP Tip: Remove Extra Components from Windows XP
  • Make Your New Ubuntu Linux Install Better: Automatix2
  • Connect your PS3 to a computer monitor with a DVI input
  • An alternative to Open DNS Internet


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June 18, 2007
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On this episodes, Patrick Norton and Robert Heron covers:

  • How to recycling your old electronics: monitors, pcs, cd players, and all that stuff.
  • Do you think only cars can get pimped? Check out the pimped laptop.
  • Viewer’s picture of the week.
  • It’s not a good idea to rest a plasma HDTV on it’s side.
  • Rob says new model of plasma tv are coming out from Pioneer.
  • HDMI premium cables follow up.
  • You can use your cell phone as a modem.


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May 17, 2007
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What’s the new scoop on the episode 165 of DL.TV? Well in this episodes Patrick Norton and Robert Heron covers:

  • An inside scoop of Apple TV
  • Wiping or santizing your hard drive using Darik’s Boot ‘n Nuke and Disc Drive Secure EraseCorsair’s
  • Flash Survivor GT
  • TheMouse Jiggler - with this you can prank on your colleagues and friends
  • USB to IDE/SATA connectors recommendation
  • Plus all of the TechNews update

Download :

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May 11, 2007
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DL.TV is hosted by Patrick Norton and Robert Heron, both of them are from the now defunct TechTV, which is I really like it a lot. But after G4 bought TechTV and then canceled all of my favorite shows on it, I felt frustrated. So after that I really missed all tech and geek stuff that TechTv had. Luckily, some of the TechTV guys made their own show and still continue doing shows for tech fans, by tech fans. So DL.TV is on of my favorite shows and you can download their episodes from their website with several formats depends on where do you want to play it including H.264, iPod/PSP, Windows Media, DivX, MP3(Audio only).

Well for DL.TV episode 164, they covered:

  • Backing up your DVDs
  • HDTV update
  • Viewer Pic of The Week
  • Answering Tech Problems

So for anyone who wants to watch it, go to DL.TV site and download the show. ;)

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