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May 28, 2007
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Previously, bloggers perused listings on the PayPerPost website, looking for opportunities to make a few extra dollars. Now, bloggers can set their own minimum price when creating a widget, and let advertisers come to them.

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May 08, 2007
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Online storage is the solution for anyone wants to store their data online. This is a great way to store data just in case your hard drive or your machine fails. has the products that suits my need to store my data online. IBackup online storage features including IDrive for PC and Mac, WebFolders, Web-Managers, Sub-Accounts, IDrive Multimedia, and ILite. I like the IDrive features that map your online storage account as part of your local drive on your computer. In that way you can drag and drop any files that you want on to your IDrive. That is so cool. Another features that I like is the WebFolders which provides a web based and desktop based for easy access to WebFolders. Just like IDrive, you can drag and drop your files and direct edit certain files.

Apart from being an online storage, it also act as an online backup solutions with features like IBackup for Windows, which has its own backup scheduler, MS SQL Server Backup, Exchange Server Backup, IBackup for Linux/Unix, Web-Manager, IBackup Professional, and IBackup’s central management console.

Needless to say, IBackup is a great choice for small businesses and have won numerous awards including from PCWorld and PCMag editor’s choice. For those who are looking for a better and improved productivity for their business, IBackup is the answer.

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