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July 01, 2007
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Transformers is the most anticipated movie ever and even wins “Best Summer Movie You Haven’t Seen Yet” award at the recent MTV Movie Award 2007. Well I haven’t watched it and I only watched transformer the movie trailer. After I’ve read a lot of great reviews about it, I feel like can’t wait for it. Why? Because Transformers is what I watched since I was a kid and I even taped it. I just can’t wait to see transformer movie.

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June 11, 2007
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I’ve posted some YouTube downloader on this blog but this time I just want to add other softwares and sites that you can download video from YouTube and/or convert it into other format. I’ve separate it into 3 categories which is software based, web based solution, and firefox plugin based. So here’s the list of it:

Web based

  1. Video Downloader 2.0 - You can download YouTube videos directly from this site.
  2. TechCrunch YouTube Download Tool - Just paste in the YouTube URL and you’re good to go :)
  3. TubeLeech -Enter the URL and the download link will appear.
  4. YouTubeX - You can download and share YouTube videos.
  5. KeepVid - Similar like Video Downloader 2.0
  6. TZG YouTube Downloader - Put in your YouTube link and download right away.
  7. Zamzar - Free online file conversion for any files and YouTube URL that you want.
  8. YouTubia - You can search and save YouTube videos.
  9. Dicini’s YouTube Downloader - Not only you can download YouTube videos but also Google videos,, and iFilm video.
  10. - Free download online videos direct PC/iPod/PSP and convert it into several formats.
  11. MediaConverter - Download and convert videos from YouTube directly.
  12. KCoolOnline - supports more than 98 sites including YouTube, Google Videos and many more.
  13. SaveTube - You can download YouTube video according to the category.

Software based

Windows platform

  1. YouTube Downloader - Download YouTube videos and save as AVI.
  2. Biennesoft’s YouTube Downloader - Download any YouTube videos and convert them into any format.
  3. Orbit Downloader - Not only Orbit is a download manager but also can download YouTube Videos.
  4. VDownloader - Enable user to download videos from site like YouTube, Metacafe and such.
  5. Youtube Grabber 3.1 - Grab YouTube videos direct to your desktop.
  6. MyVideoDownloader - Downloadvideo from YouTube, Myspace and 50+ other sites. Convert them to several formats.
  7. KeepV - Download Flash files/FLV files (YouTube videos) and convert it

Mac platform

  1. Get Tube - Mac application for downloading audio or video from YouTube

Linux platform

  1. YouTube-dl - An application for Linux lovers to download any YouTube videos in flv format.

Firefox plugins based

  1. Vidtaker - Firefox plugin for downloading videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video and many more.
  2. Ook? Video Ook! - Enables you to download from YouTube and other video sharing sites.
  3. YouTubeIT

Thanks to Mashable for a very good post on this topic :)

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June 10, 2007
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After Pandora has blocked me from audio streaming due to RIAA, I’ve looked into several alternatives to listening online radio or audio streaming. has been a unique kind of social networking by listening, sharing and have a group of people on the same kind of music category. That is cool social networking + music = Before this I’m regular of Yahoo! Music LAUNCHcast listener and always love listening to Alternative Rock station but sometimes it doesn’t fit to me what kind of band that I really like. So I’ve decided to continue listening through and I’m impressed with the audio quality and a little bit better than Yahoo! Music LAUNCHcast. I can choose which band that I want to listen or just listen to the radio that user have created or listen to a particular genre using tags like alternative, alternative rock, punk rock, jazz, blues and etc.

To make it easier for user, provided a software that enable users to listen direct from your desktop and that is cool. And yes the software also has plugin for various kind of media player that you have installed on your PC. software will download it during the installation.

From website you can use the widgets and put on your blog or social networking site such as Myspace. This is one way to tell the world what you’re listening right now through :). Below is my widget. You can choose either “Recently Listened Tracks”, “My Radio”, or “MyPlaylist” widget.

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June 05, 2007
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I’ve been searching for any YouTube alternative that I could find and here’s the list of it. Hope this will help anyone who loves online video streaming. Some of them are different from each other. But of course there’s no doubt that YouTube is the king in this category. So here’s the list of YouTube alternative:

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May 25, 2007
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PC World editors have summed up and ranked the best products for the year of 2007 including PCs, HDTVs, sites and services. Below are the list ranked up in order:

  1. Google Apps Premier Edition Review | Vendor Site
  2. Intel Core 2 Duo Review | Check Prices
  3. Nintendo Wii Review | Check Prices
  4. Verizon FiOS Vendor Site
  5. RIM Blackberry 8800 Review | Check Prices
  6. Parallels Desktop Review | Check Prices
  7. Pioneer Elite 1080p PRO-FHD1 Check Prices
  8. Infrant Technologies ReadyNAS NV Check Prices
  9. Apple Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” Review | Check Prices
  10. Adobe Premiere Elements 3 Review | Check Prices
  11. Apple TV Review | Check Prices
  12. Samsung SyncMaster 244T Review | Check Prices
  13. BillP Studios WinPatrol Download
  14. HP dv9000t Review | Check Prices
  15. McAfee SiteAdvisor Download
  16. Canonical Ubuntu 7.04 Review
  17. Review
  18. Microsoft Xbox 360 Elite Review | Check Prices
  19. Download
  20. Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 Review | Check Prices
  21. SightSpeed 6 Download
  22. Kayak Web Site
  23. Nikon D40X Check Prices
  24. New York Times Times Reader Vendor Site
  25. Samsung BlackJack Review | Check Prices
  26. Apple iPod (80GB) Test Report | Check Prices
  27. Yahoo Mail Beta Vendor Site
  28. TomTom One Review | Check Prices
  29. Dell UltraSharp 2407WFP Review | Check Prices
  30. Zoho Review
  31. Google Gmail Vendor Site
  32. Sling Media Slingbox Pro Check Prices
  33. Red Octane Guitar Hero 2 Video | Check Prices
  34. Google YouTube Vendor Site
  35. Mozilla Firefox 2 Download
  36. Google Picasa Download
  37. Nikon D80 Review | Check Prices
  38. Skype 3 Download
  39. Aliph Jawbone Review | Check Prices
  40. Shure E500PTH Review | Check Prices
  41. CyberPower Gamer Infinity Ultimate Review | Check Prices
  42. Asus w5fe-2P025E Review | Check Prices
  43. AVS Forum Web Site
  44. Yahoo Flickr Review
  45. Apple iPod Nano (8GB) Check Prices
  46. Nikon Coolpix S50c Check Prices
  47. Dell UltraSharp 2007WFP Review | Check Prices
  48. OCZ Trifecta Secure Digital Memory Card Check Prices
  49. Archos 704 Wi-Fi Review | Check Prices
  50. Lenovo ThinkPad X60 Tablet Review | Check Prices
  51. Canon EOS 30D Review | Check Prices
  52. Review
  53. Google Maps for Mobile Vendor Site
  54. Canon Pixma iP4300 Review | Check Prices
  55. Kaspersky Anti-Virus Review | Check Prices
  56. Microsoft Office 2007 Review | Check Prices
  57. Asus Crosshair Test Report | Check Prices
  58. Web Site
  59. Dell XPS M1210 Review | Check Prices
  60. Creative Zen V Plus (8GB) Review | Check Prices
  61. Apple iTunes Download
  62. Gigabyte GA-965P-DQ6 Test Report | Check Prices
  63. Iomega NAS 1TB Check Prices
  64. Fujifilm FinePix F40fd Check Prices
  65. Canon MP600 Review | Check Prices
  66. 37Signals Backpack Review
  67. LG Electronics BH100 Review | Check Prices
  68. Web Site
  69. Web Site
  70. Fujitsu ScanSnap s500 Review | Check Prices
  71. NEC MultiSync 90GX2 Review | Check Prices
  72. Adobe CS3 Review | Check Prices
  73. Dell XPS 410 Review | Check Prices
  74. Meebo Review
  75. SysInternals/Microsoft Process Explorer Download
  76. Wacom Graphire Bluetooth 6×8 Pen Tablet Check Prices
  77. VMWare Player Vendor Site
  78. Emusic Web Site
  79. TiVo Series3 HD Digital Media Recorder Review | Check Prices
  80. Netvibes Web Site
  81. TripAdvisor Web Site
  82. Apple MacBook Pro Review | Check Prices
  83. Avira AntiVir Personal Edition Classic Review | Check Prices
  84. Review
  85. Check Point Software ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite Review | Download Store
  86. SanDisk Sansa Connect Review | Check Prices
  87. Review
  88. Flurry Review
  89. Oki Printing Solutions C3400n Review | Check Prices
  90. nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX Check Prices
  91. Microsoft Windows Media Player 11 Download
  92. Netflix Watch Now Vendor Site
  93. Audacity Download
  94. Congoo Review
  95. Wladimir Palant Adblock Plus Download
  96. Buffalo Nfiniti Dual Band Gigabit Router & Access Point Check Prices
  97. Panasonic HDC-SD1 Review | Check Prices
  98. Logitech Harmony 880 Review | Check Prices
  99. Sling Media SlingPlayer Mobile Vendor Site
  100. Shure SE210 Review | Check Prices

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May 23, 2007
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The 20 funniest Geek Humor bits of all time. They have been selected from the vast array of submissions Geek Humor Discussion board and on the web.

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May 21, 2007
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This tutorial will teach you how to create low-bandwidth tab navigation on a web page using CSS. As an extra bonus you’ll also learn how to switch tabs without loading the page more than once. It’s cool ;)

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May 21, 2007
Filed Under (Blogging, Web) by syafthegeek is a site that connects mainstream media and blog content. This is a cool idea as readers will get more what they want. I’ve started using Sphere Related Content plug in for a while now and after I’ve udpated my blog regularly I’ve become one of Sphere’s favorite new partner sites. I’m so excited, honored, and overwhelmed. I like Sphere Related Content plug in and you can see on the bottom of each blog post. Thanks for making me as your favorite new partner sites.

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May 21, 2007
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This is the funniest dating tips for nerds. UbuntuOS has a long list of it. You can check it here. Well below is the list of dating tips for nerds:

  1. Contrary to popular belief, being nerdy is NOT a turn on.
  2. Don’t diss her MacBook.
  3. If you still care more about your $4500 gaming rig than her, you shouldn’t be where you are, so decide. Quickly.
  4. Do NOT blog about her.
  5. Do not buy her computer hardware for occasions, you never see the ‘SATA cable bearer’ at weddings now, do you?
  6. As much as you don’t want to, use the regular phone system over Skype.
  7. When she stares at you for a long period of time with a vacant expression, she is wondering why you are lying to her.
  8. She is not a computer, you cannot control her.
  9. When she talks to you, you drop everything, including the $800 PDA you just got, to talk back.
  10. Remove ‘no’ from your vocabulary.
  11. If she thinks Vista is l33t simply because it looks cool, then it is l33t.
  12. You will have to endure things you REALLY don’t want to do, such as watching chick flicks. She always gets choice of movie.
  13. No ‘what did the BIOS say to the RAM?’ jokes. Seriously.
  14. Learn to live without caffeine and regular Half-Life 2 fixes. If you can survive a week without either of the above, you’re set for life.
  15. Speak your mind. Don’t hold anything back. If you say something that she thinks is strange or cause for concern, it wasn’t going to work anyway.
  16. Don’t tell her about your religious observance of Agent Gibbs’ rule #9. She may find this a touch creepy.
  17. Lose the glasses. Get some contacts. And buy some damn acne cream.
  18. Love is strange concept for some to grasp. Give her some leeway. If she doesn’t instantly turn and abandon everything she’s doing just to greet you, don’t call apocalypse over it. You’re not married. Yet.
  19. If she says that the her inability to beat you at Counter-Strike is the computer’s fault, just smile politely and say, “Yes, dear”
  20. Don’t live scared. If a break-up is going to occur, it cannot be stopped. Not by you. Just love her the best you can and then a bit. If she can’t appreciate you for who you are, then I’m not sure you’re in the right place anyway.
  21. As much as this destroys the validity of listening to these rules, don’t let others tell you what to do. Use your own style. If you don’t have your own style, odds are she already knows and doesn’t care.
  22. Trust her judgment. If she wants to kiss you in front of your parents (or your CS clan), you let her. And you damn well enjoy it.
  23. Beauty obviously means very little to her. She’s dating a nerd, you moron.
  24. Despite what you may think, missing her after a day isn’t creepy, it isn’t sad, it’s the closest you’ve ever come to being romantic.
  25. When she answer’s ‘I’m fine’ after couple of seconds, she is not fine at all. Don’t press the issue, just give her a hug. If she wants to tell you, she will.
  26. Don’t try to be romantic. When you try to be romantic it just sounds cheesy. The first 5 times you say something incredibly cheesy, it will either amuse or annoy her. After 5 times, it will only have the latter effect.
  27. There is an idiot-proof method of working out if she loves you as much as you love her. When you just stand there staring into her eyes, if she’s staring back, you’ve got it made.
  28. Learn French.
  29. When you finally work up the courage to kiss her, do it somewhere memorable.
  30. Keep your saliva to yourself, at least for the first few weeks.
  31. If you wear a tie, when she pulls on it, don’t resist. You’ll work out what she’s doing in the next second or two.
  32. When she first kisses you on the neck, you know you’re in the deep end. Learn to swim and do it quickly.
  33. When she says ‘I miss you..’, no carbon based bipedal life form in the known universe can miss you more than her.
  34. She always wins. Accept it.
  35. If you can look at her at four in the morning, with no make-up on, and still be picking your jaw up off the floor, you’ve got something damn special going on.
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May 20, 2007
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At first glance there’s a lot of steps here, but it’s pretty straightforward, and the effect is very cool. It’s an easy way to give your photographs a bit more visual impact, that’s for sure. –via lifehacker.

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