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August 17, 2007
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Many bloggers, when first setting things up, are faced with one of the most critical decisions any blogger can make, that is, which CMS to use? There are many out there, all with their respective pros and cons. In this post, I
’ll be looking at several key aspects pertaining to two of today’s premier CMS: Wordpress 2.2, and MovableType 4.

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May 16, 2007
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The new version of Wordpress is out. Goodies the new version offered are:

  • Wordpress widgets
  • Full atom support
  • New Blogger importer
  • Infinite comment stream
  • Plugin activation and file editing protection
  • Plugin and filter speed optimization
  • WYSIWYG support for future versions of Safari

Well I’ve downloaded it but not upgrading it yet. Maybe tomorrow ;)

Download Wordpress 2.2

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May 14, 2007
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I’ve found this Wordpress tips from very useful and I’ve never think about it before. Well we’re given the default WYSIWYG HTML editor in Wordpress 2.1 and sometimes it is just not enough. So if you want an advanced WYSIWYG HTML editor, just press:

Windows Firefox: Alt+Shift+V (Firefox)
Windows Internet Explorer: Alt+V (Internet Explorer)
Mac OS X Firefox: Ctrl+V
Mac OS X Safari: Sorry Charlie

What will you get if you do that? Well you get:

  • Text styles
  • Underline
  • Full paragaph alignment
  • Text coloring
  • Two varieties of paste (text and Word)
  • Formatting removal
  • Code cleanup
  • Custom character insertion
  • Undo/redo

Cool ;) . Try it out.

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