September 17, 2007 2007年9月17日
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Let’s admit that the oil price is increasing rapidly and this really burden all of us.让我们承认,石油价格迅速攀升,这实在负担,我们所有的人。 It seems you need to have a lot of cash to fill up the petrol just to go around the city.看来,你需要有大量的现金,以填补了汽油刚刚到周围的城市。 We all know that oil will never last long and about 20 - 30 years it will depleted.我们都知道,石油将永远不会持续太久,约20 -3 0年将告罄。 So we should look for any alternatives where it is much safer, cleaner and cheaper.因此,我们应该寻找任何替代品,这亦是我们更安全,更清洁,更便宜的。 After watching “Who Killed The Electric Car” DVD, I’ve been thinking electric car is the best solution for all commuters to move around the city whether you’re going to work or for mothers to pick up their kids at school and buy some groceries.看完"谁杀害了电动车"的dvd ,我一直在思考电动车是最好的解决办法,为所有通勤走动城市不管你是去工作,或为母亲接载他们的孩子在学校买了一些食品杂货。 But some of the electric cars can’t really go that far even though it is great for commuters.但是,部分电动车不能真正去说,到目前为止,即使它非常适合通勤。 There are good signs where battery technology are improving each year and recently the development of other battery alternatives like ultracapacitor or supercapacitor and electromagnetic field will make electric car a dream come true.有良好的招牌,如电池技术正在得到改善,每年并于最近开发其他替代电池一样,超级电容器或超级电容器与电磁场,使电动汽车的梦想终于成真。 Hopefully, these technologies will not be surpressed by oil companies and energy companies that monopolise the economy for centuries.但愿,这些技术不会被打压的油公司和能源公司,垄断经济几百年。

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September 11, 2007 2007年9月11日
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I know that I haven’t updated my blog recently and it seems my blog is lack of quality due to paid post category in this blog.我知道我有没有更新我的博客最近,它似乎是我的博客,是缺乏质量由于支付邮政类,在这个博客。 I’m beginning to lose hope and faith in this blog.我开始失去希望和信心,在这个博客。 I feel like I’ve lost all of my MOJO.我觉得我已经失去了我所有的mojo 。 I don’t know why.我不知道为什么。 This is my first blog and I’m really passionate about geek stuff.这是我第一次博客,我很热爱希腊的东西。 But in the end I’m just desperate in making it big.但最后我只是绝望地使大。 No one to read this stinking blog.没有人读了这个臭博客。 I felt like a lonely and useless blogger.我感觉像一个孤独和无用的博客。 I’m trying too hard I guess.我试图太硬,我猜想。

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August 31, 2007 2007年8月31日
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